PASCHAL-Danmark A/S offers two app’s…

This App contains off-line contact information and brochures for usage in areas at non-mobile data covered construction sites, as well as a feature for booking return transportation of rental material. The App is available in Google Play for Android and in Apple App Store for iOS. Privacy-policy: No data is uploaded from device. When app is uninstalled, all data is deleted on device.

IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE: This app shall be used as a supportive guideline only. The app shall not replace usage of the latest approved drawings received from PASCHAL-Danmark A/S on paper or in a pdf format (Drawings). The Drawings are the legal binding basis in which the mounting of material must be carried out in accordance to. Without prejudice to applicable mandatory law, PASCHAL-Danmark A/S shall not be liable for damages of any kind including but not limited to loss of profits or costs incurred as a result of the use of this app or the lack of possibility to use the app for any reason whatsoever, errors in the app or the software it is based on, differences in the virtual drawings on the app and the Drawings or for any other reason. All intellectual property rights to the Drawings, the app and the virtual drawings used in app are the property of PASCHAL-Danmark A/S.

Privacy-policy: No data is uploaded from device. When app is uninstalled, all data is deleted on device.

PASCHAL AR allows the user to virtualize PASCHAL products in an augmented reality environment, thus enabling training, instruction and better safety, and a more optimal use of PASCHAL products. NOTE: Usage of the PASCHAL AR app requires a txt-file from PASCHAL-Danmark A/S.

PASCHAL AR is ideal for virtualization of complex and huge scaffolding constructions for e.g. motorway bridges. Virtualization can be done in a meeting room before mounting the scaffolding for instruction of employees. Virtualization can also be done on the actual construction site before, under and after the mounting of the scaffolding. This enables on-site training, instruction and inspection to minimize the risk of incorrect and unsafe mounting of all parts in the scaffolding but cannot replace a thorough control according to PASCHAL-Danmark A/S’s guidelines and the Drawings, ref. the Important Legal Notice.

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